Why Green Lantern is So Awesome

If you ask anyone who their favorite super hero is, a lot of people will say that it’s Batman, Superman, Spider-Man or any of the other common heroes that people tend to look up to. Because of the fact that most people tend to have such narrow views of how many super heroes there are out there, a lot of perfectly good heroes end up being underplayed in some way. People don’t take these heroes seriously enough, and as a result these heroes end up being ignored when in truth they should be celebrated.

Green Lantern is one such hero. He has some incredible powers that make him a league apart from everyone else. After all, the Justice League wouldn’t be complete without a member from the Green Lantern Corps there to help out. His powers allow him to use a ring on his finger that can create objects so strong that even Superman would have a hard time destroying them. These objects can be used in pretty creative ways to create projectiles or weapons. The ring can also give the Green Lantern the ability to fly.

If you want to learn about why Green Lantern is such an incredible superhero, you should read Blackest Night. This comic has a really amazing story arc that shows why Green Lantern is important, and why the DC universe just wouldn’t be the same without this hero giving everyone what he has to offer. You can visit GothamArchives if you want to read this comic. This site has plenty of comics that you can read through, especially if you are looking for the classics that might not be available in stores anymore. Finding the right comic can help you appreciate superheroes a lot more.