Streaking: A Dangerous Thing For Your Roof

Part of the process of maintaining your roof and preventing it from coming to harm involves checking it for damage every so often. There are a lot of ways to do this, but people often don’t realize how much damage has been done and how many repairs might be needed because of the fact that they are not accustomed to the telltale signs that form such a significant component of roof maintenance in general. For example, you might not have heard of streaking even though it can spell doom for your roof and result in painful financial losses that you might be forced to bear.

What exactly is streaking? Basically, what happens is that certain parts of your roof that have been exposed to an excessive amount of moisture can develop streaks of mold and algae. Not only are these streaks going to look quite ugly, but they have a tendency to be dangerous as well because they can reduce the integrity of the materials that were used to initially craft your roof in the first place.

Streaking is a sign that you cannot ignore, because doing so would lead to further damage occurring that would not be quite as easy for you to deal with all in all. With streaking, the main thing that you can do is hire a cleanup crew. Visit if you don’t know where you might find a cleanup crew that works to a decently high standard of cleaning processes. Getting rid of streaks is also about repair techniques being implemented as well, so don’t think that this is just a cleanup job that you can handle on your own. Getting to the root of the problem will require a bit more expertise than that.