Making Waffled Mac And Cheese

Posted On By Doris

The one thing I am absolutely sure about is that people love waffles, and people love mac and cheese. So, much so that if it were healthy, they would eat it every day. However, have you ever wondered what would happen if these two things are combined?

That is exactly the thought that crossed my mind, and I went onto the quest to see if it happens. At first, I started as anyone else would. I just put the mac and cheese into the waffle iron and waited for the magic. Sadly, it did not work as the cheese just melted, and the macaroni did not stick to the grid at all. Then I decided that I am going to need a different way if I am going to succeed, and in order to achieve that, I put the mac and cheese into the blender to see if that does the work by creating a batter sort of mixture. However, my attempts were all in vain, as no matter how I treated the mac and cheese, it just would not stick. The last attempt I made was creating a loaf out of mac and cheese, thinking that it would work, and while I was not a fan of the texture I got, I had my hopes up. Sadly, that did not work either.

So, at that point, I pretty much gave up on the idea entirely, and start looking at other things that I could turn into waffles. Until the idea of mac and cheese came back to haunt me and I started looking for more ways. I looked over the internet, and the internet suggested I bread it, and so I did.

The first step was to neatly lay the mac and cheese on a sheet pan, and refrigerate it; after an entire day in the refrigerator, I took it out and started coating it with a mixture of flour, egg, and bread crumbs. Once that was done, I put them in the waffle grid, and to my surprise, they came out really nicely.

Yes, I do have to mention that taking them out of the waffle iron was a bit tricky, however, with some patience, and my trustworthy spatula, I was able to take my waffle mac and cheese out and to be amazing. However, the entire process might result in the waffles being a bit dry, however, you can easily take care of that by drizzling it with a little olive oil, and you are good to go.

The reason why I went to the extent of writing this is that if you are trying to experiment with different foods and turning them into waffles, perhaps this article will help you. I am going to rephrase myself again and talk about how waffles are amazing, just like mac and cheese is, and combining both of them together makes a heavenly breakfast, or a snack that no one can disagree with.