Making a Healthy Waffle

This is perhaps the strangest thing to many but you can actually make healthy waffles with ease. People love waffles, and if it were up to me, I would eat them every day. However, you need to understand that eating them every day could be unhealthy. They are made with processed white flour, refined sugar, and you put maple syrup on them too.

However, the good news is that waffles do not have to be unhealthy as you can actually make them healthy with ease. You will need to make some changes to the recipe but those changes are barely noticeable, and you would still end up with some great waffles.

The Flour

The first step is to remove the white flour from waffles and replacing it with something like whole wheat, or whole grain flour. I know it sounds strange, but this way, your waffles will have more fiber, as well as more vitamins. Additionally, you can actually substitute half of the flour you are using with almond flour. This way, your waffles will have a taste of nuttiness in them, and you will get high fiber, as well as high protein.


If you are looking for some healthy mix-ins, then adding a tablespoon of flaxseeds is a great alternative. Remember, the seeds do not have a taste of their own, and you will get Omega 3 acids. You can additionally mash up some avocados or bananas as well in order to get the most of your waffle batter, resulting in some really great tasting, and moist waffles.

Use Healthier Toppings

Sometimes, the waffles are not as unhealthy as the toppings we use. In order to minimize that, you can opt for some healthier toppings, and when it comes to healthier options, the choices you have are limitless. Just pick any fruit you like, and make a topping out of it. You can choose from fruits like berries, bananas, pears, as well. Additionally, you can use chia seeds, nut butter, as well as some Greek yogurt. If you are craving syrup, then you can easily go to the market, and find some healthy, calorie-free syrups that you can use instead.

A Good Waffle Maker

I know this may sound strange but there are waffle makers that have chemicals in them that make your waffles not so healthy. To avoid that from happening, the simplest thing that you can do is opt for something that is actually healthier. If you want to go for a non-stick waffle maker, make sure it is a non-stick ceramic waffle maker because that one has no PTFE chemicals which are certainly good for the consumption.

So, that is it as far as the healthy waffles are concerned. If someone tells you that you cannot make a healthy waffle, simply show them this article. For those who are wondering, these tips have been tried personally, and all of them work without any issues coming in the way.